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"when you wasn't famous..."

the herbaliser live @ babylon
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i have much to report, mission control.

i am almost finished mixing the new EP. expect to see it uploaded to my homepage soon.

eight days until i step on the stage again. eight days! can you believe that?! it's so close, i feel a tiny bit anxious and nervous. but also very excited. i have been rehearsing rigourously, daily, to hone my performance.

and i bought a new amp yesterday! it's only a little 16w kustom, but it has a tube pre-amp, and some pretty cool built-in reverb and delay effects (i especially like the rotary setting, and the ability to adjust the effects level independently of the volume and gain. i get some pretty cool sounds when i plug in my acoustic. this will help me hone an awesome live tone just in time for the show. :)

what else is new? i went out to zaphod's last thursday to see jesse dangerously, kool krys, and owel five. that was an awesome show. ended up talking with owel five, and i'm going to do a remix or two for him, which should be loads of fun.

ALSO, on friday night, i went to see The Herbaliser at babylon with littlegirltoast. Grand Analog opened. what an amazing show. some seriously amazing musicianship, and a great flare for performance. i even managed to get some good pics (slowly getting used to the new camera in low light; using it in manual mode now, and relying mostly on local lighting, not using the flash).

my tattoo is mostly all healed. it just itches a little. i'm all psyched to go back on the 29th and get it coloured...

stars are falling from the sky

tattoo phase 1
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back tattoo phase 1: regard. is it not stunning?! i'm so pleased with it so far. i can't believe that julian did all that work in only a couple of hours.

you can still see the old tattoo underneath, but not for long. i can't wait 'til all the colour is filled in, and the text is added.

i am so stoked about having this piece to mark this period of my life. it feels so worth the enormous amount of pain. in fact, the excruciating pain seems like a necessary part of it; like a rite of passage.

"the needle can't burn what the needle can't find..."

can i tell you about my pain? well i am going to anyway.

I AM IN PAIN. not acute pain. more like a dull, throbbing, inflamed burn all over my back. and i think it's making me sort of light-headed. i'm eating some quizno's and nestea to regain my strength.

ok, i know it is entirely my fault. this is what i get for deciding to get inked again after something like 9 years. i almost forgot about how much it hurts. almost. well... one appointment down, two or three to go.

i got two hours of work done today, and it is huge, and looks fantastic! i'm really happy with julian's work so far. i can't say enough good things. he is a consummate professional. i happily pay him to put me through hours of excruciating pain. :P

anyway, i think i'm going to be sleeping on my stomach for the next little while...

no tattoo today

julian just called me; he had to cancel my first appointment because his little daughter is sick with the flu bug going around, and he has no one to babysit. i totally feel for him, having been sick for over 10 days, and only barely feeling better today. so i'm not angry or anything. instead my first appointment will be my next scheduled appointment (what would have originally been my second appointment), november 08th at 13:00. unless of course, he can fit me in earlier, which is tentatively possible.

well you know what? as a consolation treat to myself, i think i should go to henry's and buy that pentax optio w60 that i want really badly. or maybe a new mixer for recording music. or maybe both!

why vinyl is so awesome

seriously. are you gonna get this kind of awesomeness from buying a CD or downloading mp3s? this fantastic, huge, crazy die-cut horse poster by david barnes & gemini tactics came included in the gatefold double 180 gram vinyl release of the new of Montreal album, Skeletal Lamping.

quite apart from the fact that the album is a musically stunning journey of grooviness... LOOK AT THIS! this is some crazy artwork, yo! if the mainstream big labels were still releasing albums like this en masse for all their artists, maybe they wouldn't be facing the kind of dismaying record sales they are, and blaming it on "pirating" by the consumers. give us something worthwhile to consume, and we will gladly pay for it! i happily paid $29.99 plus tax for this. totally worth it.

in less happy news, i am still feeling crappy and under the weather. ten days now! enough already! i had to leave work early yesterday, and stayed home today. blech. i'm blowing my nose every 30 seconds... ichy green stuff. so much gross phlegm. i know how much you want to know this.

i really NEED to feel better tomorrow. you see, tomorrow is my first of four tattoo appointments for my big back piece with Julian at five cents tattoo. i booked this appointment four months ago; there is no way i'm cancelling! i'm stoked to get inked again. it's been about nine years since the last time i got a new tattoo.

lastly - for now - i think i have decided on my next camera. after much research, i am very impressed with the pentax optio w60. 10 megapixel, 5x optical zoom, and 1280 x 720 video with audio! not to mention that it is waterproof, dust-proof, and cold-proof to -10 degrees celsius. hardcore. i might even pick it up this weekend if i have enough cashola left over after my tattoo work tomorrow...

i will be inked in autumn

just a little while ago i got back from my consultation appointment with julian at five cents tattoo. i gave him my design and explained what i wanted, and he agreed to do it, and he's going to do his own take on the design and make it hyper-realistic. this makes me very happy. so i put down my $100 deposit, and based on the design and size they booked me four appointments (the fourth just as an extra in case). obviously, julian is really popular, because my first appointment isn't 'til october:

- saturday, oct. 18th, 17:00
- saturday, nov. 08th, 13:00
- saturday, nov. 29th, 13:00
- saturday, dec. 13th, 13:00

at least it will all be done before christmas. :P

seriously though, i'm very pleased. it will give me plenty of time to mentally prepare and build up anticipation. i've waited this long, i can wait a few more months.

words and images in motion

the plan has been put into motion. i have booked a consultation for saturday @ 1:00p.m. with julian at five cents tattoo. i have committed myself to this endeavour; after many long years, i will be inked again. this is a big one i'm planning; on my back as a partial cover/re-do of the piece already on my shoulder blade. i have decided on the text, and am in the early stages of mapping out the design, so i won't spill all the beans yet. but i am really excited about it. of course, if julian is as popular as ever (which i imagine he still is), i probably won't actually get inked 'til mid-july at least. the wait will be worth it, however; this guy is supremely impressive, especially at cover-up jobs.

"highly suspicious"

so while i'm contemplating what indulgent purchase i should save up for first (i'm thinking the new camera; i still have to do more research on what kind of monitor i want, and the wii will take a bit of saving up for, and i haven't decided exactly which amp / fx processors i want), i decided to satisfy myself with small indulgences this week. that way i will save up the remaining money 'til next month, and then maybe i'll have a big chunk of cash free all at once.

so tonight i purchased my indulgences for the month; 2 new dvds (lost in translation, and shaun of the dead, both on sale), 4 new drawing pens ($3.19 each, yowzers), 2 new cds (my morning jacket's evil urges, and bonnie 'prince' billy's lie down in the light), and a big box of junior mints.

also, yesterday, i bought a couple of used books; john irving's the hotel new hampshire and robert heinlein's the cat who walks through walls. i look forward to reading those when i am done reading until i find you (which, incidentally is completely breaking my heart, and simultaneously making me want new tattoo work done; that is a whole other complicated story deserving of a post entirely unto itself, so more on that later).

re: bonnie 'prince' billy's new album; it's awesome, but then, i expected that.

re: my morning jacket's new album; wow! what an interesting tangent for them. jim james is no longer the only one singing! the rest of the band joins in on vocal duties in a lot of places throughout the album; very interesting. some very pretty compositions, very nice harmonies. the tones and grooves are still signature mmj. all around, a great offering from them, sure to make my best of 2008 list.

other fantabulous new music i've been enjoying lately: bon iver's for emma, forever ago. listen to it now, fools! you'll thank me. it's too pretty not to share.