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aubergine wellies
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it's been a busy and hectic past month, leaving me pretty mentally and physically exhausted. i wound up pretty sick last week, but i'm all better now.

this past monday was my one year anniversary with seamonkey_mags. yay! i gave her a nice vase of flowers, and we celebrated with dinner at a korean/japanese restaurant on bank st. i had some quite yummy sushi.

this week we finished booking our basic itinerary for the trip to arizona for my dad's wedding. we're flying out on april 2nd, and coming back on april 8th. we'll be staying at an awesome hotel in scottsdale for a few nights, that is right in the shopping district, and only about a kilometre away from the phoenix zoo! yay zoo! i'm stoked for this trip. i need a good vacation.

i bought a new belt, calvin klein white dress shirt, a nice set of titanium cuff links, and a blue striped geoffrey beene tie [All net profits from Geoffrey Beene products are donated to philanthropic causes, such as cancer research, Alzheimer's research, domestic violence prevention and response, Save the Children, and educational programs (including scholarships for students majoring in fashion and related disciplines) - that's pretty cool]. now i'm all prepped for the wedding, clothes-wise.

this coming monday is seamonkey_mags' birthday, so we went to the byward market this morning, and i got her some new shorts and some new hunter wellington rubber boots (see? aren't they nice?). hey, if they're good enough for the queen of england and kate moss...

then we picked up various yummies at the sausage kitchen (pepperettes and fanta!) and nicastro's (fancy malt vinegar, olives stuffed with garlic, and half a kilo of chocolate!), and ate an unhealthy brunch at mcdonald's.

we also went for a 2k run this afternoon, and seamonkey_mags got her taxes done. and i fit some time in for a little nap. yay productive day!

soon i will post a new entry with music reviews. listening to lots of great new stuff right now, especially the new frightened rabbit album.

nine days 'til my birthday, people! what are y'all getting me?!?!

seasons followed one another / get back to basics, step up and face me...

so if you're on facecrack you may have seen already: I HAVE A SHOW AT ZAPHOD'S!

yes, at long last, after more than 4 years, i will step onto the stage to perform live music. all by myself. just me and a guitar (and i'm pondering some pre-recorded tracks, but it depends on my mood over the next few weeks; i may just keep the songs stripped down to acoustic-style).

the deets: Monday, November 24th @ Zaphod Beeblebrox (27 york st. in the byward market). and it's FREE! i will be opening for Carmen & Camille, a vancouver twin sister pop duo. doors at 8p.m., i will probably hit the stage around 9p.m.

i know it's a monday, but hey, it's free! and this is my first live performance in years, so come out and support me if you're in the ottawa area. it will be entertaining, i assure you. i am practicing all sorts of material, dating back from 2000 to present.

here is the link to the facecrack invite: jacob live @ zaphod's.

as long as i'm talking about music, i will note a couple of semi-related topics:

  1. i went to zaphod's to see the That's the spirit. CD release party on saturday night. boy was it awesome! i picked up a copy of the CD, which i sincerely think is Ben Wilson's best stuff to date (and given his prolific history in the ottawa scene and beyond over the past 13 years or so, that's saying a lot). it exudes beautiful soundscapes. touching and thought-provoking lyrics. prodigiously composed, arranged, and executed. a real stand out DIY production, this album is all the best things about real indie music with none of the pretention. don't be surprised if Staying Places hits my best of 2008 list in the top ten somewhere.

  2. haven't you all been wondering what i have been up to in my recording lately? i know i have been silent on the subject for a couple of months. well i have also been busy. my third and final EP of 2008 is almost complete. it is entitled we have lost contact, and it consists of 5 brand new tracks, along the theme of losing touch, distancing, diaspora, all in the personal intimate sense and in the global sense. in some ways, it is the natural denouement to the two EPs that preceded it; the hoods is life, old habits die hard is death, we have lost contact is the afterglow. eventually things must move on again. if all goes as planned, i will be releasing these 3 EPs together in a limited 3 CD album in early 2009; the whole collection is tentatively titled i've counted the days since we parted ways. i will premier a few new tracks from these 3 EPs at my show on the 24th.

so that's pretty much it. come out on the 24th, please!

oh, also, i went running again tonight. trying to keep it up, even though i've been lazy about it. i went with shaun tonight, on my 2 km route. he was being slow, so our time was 18:01.48 minutes. really sucky. we walked a whole lot, even though i cound have ran the whole way. but i guess it was a good social time too. and admittedly, it's harder on the lungs in the colder weather (although today was actually fairly warm). i'm determined to keep running through the winter, even if it is only once a week. just so i don't get out of practice, and become a total couch sloth again.

the weekend...

Jen & Lily
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i had a busy and fun-filled weekend. friday evening i was delivered an impromptu invitation to a house show, featuring krista muir (aka lederhosen lucil) and shane watt. thanks to littlegirltoast and audrawilliams for a swell evening... i love the intimacy of a house show. the music was great, there was plenty of raucous sing-a-long, and i got to chat with both krista and shane after the show. quite the enjoyable social night, overall.

saturday, i spent all morning and afternoon painting. see?! i painted this portrait for qeonos, for her birthday. that was last night. we all had pizza at her place, then went karaoking at shanghai. it was amusing. i sang sit down by james. it was packed! holy popular place to be on saturday night, batman. a good time was had by all.

today i slept in, then did laundry, bought some groceries, made myself lemon pepper catfish and potatoes for lunch, watched some episodes of supernatural, and went for a 2 km run. i ran the whole way, and finished in 12:04.81 minutes. not bad.

in music news, the new snow patrol album, a hundred million suns, sounds like slicked-over poo. too bad they peaked at final straw, and have been grasping at straws ever since. i blame over-production and marketing. ah well.

as a saving grace, the new bloc party album, intimacy - which i wasn't expecting too much from based on the mercury single - is surprisingly good. much more like silent alarm than a weekend in the city, as if they are taking a nod from all the remixes that were done by futureheads, death from above 1979, m83, four tet, etc. anyway, the end result is a diverse and catchy album that is really percussive and rhythmic, but also a splash of '80's electra-cheesh, à la duran duran.

3.1 km, i pwn you

st. pat's from 120 metres
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today was my first day running in two weeks (since the 5 km cibc run for the cure), since i've been so sick. damn it felt good.

i did my 3.1 km route in 19:44.91 minutes, and ran for the first thirteen and a half minutes straight without stopping to walk. and no shin splints! i feel so good. i'm still sniffly and coughing and blowing my nose all the time, but i think i'm finally beating this bug into the ground. yay me.

earlier today, before my run, i took a walk up to bronson, and then down to slater to the upper tech wall, to shoot some photos with my new camera. lots of fun. i'm really loving what it can do.

i snapped this pic from just outside the side door to my building; googlemaps tells me that's approx. 120 metres! look at that sweet detail from that distance. and that wasn't even using the full capacity of the 10x optical zoom. this camera is officially my new girlfriend. i will call her carmen. carmen the canon camera. ok, so i don't actually feel the need to anthropomorphize my camera, but still... i am excited by all the sweet new photos i can take. i'm going to go upload the shots i took of the upper tech wall now...

run for the cure

5 km - 35:30 minutes
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well, i did it. my first 5 km event. what can i say? i'm damn proud of myself. i ran the whole way (except maybe a minute of walking at the halfway point, when my friends needed a short break), and it took only approximately 35 and a half minutes. yay me!

also my work team raised over $6000 in pledges for breast cancer! a great run for a great cause.

next stop: 10 km.

3.1 km - 20:12.44 minutes

3.1 km - 20:12.44 minutes
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yo peeps. after 7 long and gruelling weeks of running, i have finally graduated to a longer distance! and whoa is me, i didn't enjoy it much. well, i mean, i enjoyed the accomplishment of doing it, of being capable of it, but it was painful and exhausting, and frustrating that i couldn't push myself harder. maybe i was just tired today. maybe i just ate too much for lunch (mmm that philly cheese steak sub and gelato desert were good).

the really challenging part of this particular course is the extreme uphill along gloucester from lyon to percy (which is also part of my 2 km run), and then another prolonged uphill slant up lyon from arlington to somerset. overall, this is more hill action than my 2 km course, making my lungs work a lot harder. oh, and the shin splints are back again. curse them!

so i've now completed my first 3 km run, in 20:12.44 minutes. i'm not overly proud of the time, but i know it will get better as i increase my endurance. i'm feeling nervous about the 5 km run next sunday...

"keep the faithful entertained..."

James live @ Club Soda
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so, how was my trip to montréal last weekend, you ask?

i'll get to that in a minute. first off, let me say: i just beat my muthafucking running record, muthafuckas! 2 km in 11:52.59 minutes! that shaves 26 seconds off my previous best time, and that is my second night in a row, gunning full on. and my legs feel great! well, maybe a tiny bit achey right now, but i definitely could keep going if i had to. i beat the 12 minute goal!!! praise me, fellow runners!

ok, enough of that. montréal is what this post is about. see that picture to the right? THAT is what this post is REALLY about. i'll save the best for last though...

first off, shaun and i set off from my place around 1p.m. on saturday, to go pick up the rental car. they had no car for us, the asshats. they had overbooked. so we hauled it by bus all the way back to gatineau to pick up shaun's car, and that's how we finally got on the road, over two hours later than expected.

once in montréal, we checked into the marriott near the docks, and we were off to the sigur ros show. it was super good! of course, their music was really pretty, and shaun commented how this was the first time since the first album that he saw them play without a strings ensemble. they had a neat stage setup (it was outdoors); you can see the pics i took on flickr. i bought a really cool sigur ros t-shirt with a hand-drawn screaming person on the front.

on sunday, we hiked around on foot, taking pictures of graffiti and murals, and checking out the park at the foot of mount royal. there was some sort of 'artists for peace' speech going on, and the tam-tam people seemed restless because they just wanted to bang their drums.

we cut back downtown, had some lunch, and did some afternoon clothes and cd shopping. at simon's, i got a pair of pants, and three longsleeve technical shirts. shaun got some clothes at H&M, then we went to hmv and i got black sheep boy and sleep and wake-up songs by okkervil river, and roman polanski's knife in the water on dvd. shaun bought the new stills album and some old metallica cds.

in the evening we hooked up with wil at a house social gathering where the hostess was recording our conversations about english beefcakes and foreign gay conversation, as part of an art project for school. then shaun, wil and i went to dunn's for a late dinner, and argued about music. haha.

on monday, we shopped some more. i bought a where the wild things are t-shirt at urban outfitters (i loved that book as a kid).

also, i bought a brand new 4gb black creative zen mozaic mp3 player. it's really nifty. it has a built-in speaker, a high quality screen, fm radio, recorder, great custom equalizer and bass boost, and all sorts of features i haven't even explored yet. i already jammed 350 high quality mp3s on there and it's not even full yet! best of all, it was really well-priced and has an extended warranty. yay for music in my head!

we met up with wil again for a late lunch at a great asian place (littlegirltoast, you would have loved the pork!), then wil had a class, then we hooked up again after to go to... THE JAMES CONCERT!

quite possibly the best concert i have ever been to in my entire life. maybe even better than the james shows in scotland. you see, they played some great tunes at club soda that they did not play in scotland! tunes like p.s., dream thrum, just like fred astaire, and sit down! the crowd was insane! there were two encores! i think saul davies and tim booth were particularly on top of their game, really playing off the energy of the crowd. i got a lot of decent pics, so check them out on flickr, ok?! i pay good money for that pro account. :P

anyway, suffice to say that it was a great weekend, and i am really looking forward to heading back to montréal for okkervil river on october 11th! fun times!

"given the chance, i'm gonna be somebody..."

my run today was awesome. it felt sooooo good. for the first time, i did not get ANY shin splints. my legs felt great. i could have gone another 2 km, were it not for my achey lungs. so i have pushed past the lower-leg-ache wall. what a great feeling. now i know i can start plotting courses for longer distances, and slowly start to increase my endurance.

i almost beat my best time. i'm sure i would have if it weren't for a couple of annoying red lights. 12:20.12 minutes. i'm super proud.

and on top of it, i feel great. my cool-down was not nearly as gruelling as usual, and during my warm-up exercises, i discovered that not only can i comfortably touch my toes with my legs straight, i can now easily wrap my first two digits under the toes of my shoes. i'm more limber and agile and flexible than i've felt in ages.

i'm currently uploading my montréal pics to flickr, so i'll probably save my big post about my trip for tomorrow evening.

"automatic, systematic..."

today i ran my regular route, but with shaun running with me. we took it easy, and talked a lot. consequently, my time wasn't as good as it has been recently (14:18.97 minutes). still, not bad for running two nights in a row. and now i can relax for the rest of the week, and have a chill time in montréal.

i think that running is a good way to keep depression at bay. often, i can feel it creeping in on me, and the only way to chase it away is to go for a mind-numbing, painful run. when i cannot think of anything but my pulse and the pavement, i don't have the mental energy to wallow in self-loathing. but it's also good that i'm starting to feel more comfortable running with someone else, instead of just running alone. either way, it keeps physically occupied and mentally empty.

i eat shin splints for breakfast

what's that you say? you thought that today would be the day that running finally got the best of me?

FAT CHANCE! i pwned running so bad today, the asphalt was begging for mercy. saying "please, jacob, no more! you win! you are the best runner! i submit my unyieldly cement to your glorious feet!", and other such nonsense.

humbly, i accepted the truth; a new personal record! granted, the slightly cooler weather helped egg me on without heating me up, but i had to really push my legs to go further for longer periods of time to achieve this new personal best; 12:18.35 minutes. i think that beats my previous record by more than 20 seconds.

tomorrow, i will go running with shaun, and then saturday we're off to montreal to see sigur ros and james! it will be a nice long weekend of awesome concert-ness.