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2011 was music heaven

argghh i hardly ever write a livejournal entry anymore. here are my top ten favourite albums of 2011:

10. krista muir, "between atoms" *
09. dream jefferson, "punch perm" *
08. jesse dangerously, "humble & brilliant" *
07. m83, "hurry up we're dreaming"
06. tapes 'n tapes, "outside"
05. okkervil river, "i am very far"
04. snow patrol, "fallen empires"
03. roddy woomble, "the impossible song & other songs"
02. john vanderslice, "white wilderness"
01. the mountain goats, "all eternals deck"

* Canadian

looking forward to 2012!

halifax rap legend

jesse d @ SAW
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see this badass mofo? that's littlegirltoast, aka jesse dangerously, aka halifax rap legend! i've known jesse for about three years, and in that time he has become a brother to me. jesse is one of those rare folks who is the real deal: the whole package; intelligent, articulate, compassionate, generous, witty, funny, and of course talented! AND he is currently on a mini living room tour, and may be coming your way (depending where you are)!

ALSO, accompanying him are talented and wonderful folks like audrawilliams and loopfrog.

ALSO playing this mini living room tour is the awesome catriona sturton. if you are not aware that catriona was bassist for this little band called plumtree, whose song inspired the cult comic book-turned-edgar-wright movie scott pilgrim (vs the world), you've probably been living under a rock for the past fifteen years.

and guess what? i get the privilege of opening for these cool cats on monday, july 26th @ 160 primrose. if you live in (or are in the area of) ottawa, be sure to (come early and) check this show out. it's going to be a raucous fun night of folksy-hippy-hoppy-rappy fun fun fun!

facebook event page.

in other important news, i am moving today! to westboro! so this will likely be my last internetting for a couple of days; hopefully the tubes will get reconnected at the new place on monday, and i will be able to upload pics of our wonderful new home.

until then, adieu. hope to see you come out on monday (i know my performance will probably pale in comparison to jesse dangerously and catriona sturton, but i'm gonna give it all anyway)!

"when you wasn't famous..."

the herbaliser live @ babylon
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i have much to report, mission control.

i am almost finished mixing the new EP. expect to see it uploaded to my homepage soon.

eight days until i step on the stage again. eight days! can you believe that?! it's so close, i feel a tiny bit anxious and nervous. but also very excited. i have been rehearsing rigourously, daily, to hone my performance.

and i bought a new amp yesterday! it's only a little 16w kustom, but it has a tube pre-amp, and some pretty cool built-in reverb and delay effects (i especially like the rotary setting, and the ability to adjust the effects level independently of the volume and gain. i get some pretty cool sounds when i plug in my acoustic. this will help me hone an awesome live tone just in time for the show. :)

what else is new? i went out to zaphod's last thursday to see jesse dangerously, kool krys, and owel five. that was an awesome show. ended up talking with owel five, and i'm going to do a remix or two for him, which should be loads of fun.

ALSO, on friday night, i went to see The Herbaliser at babylon with littlegirltoast. Grand Analog opened. what an amazing show. some seriously amazing musicianship, and a great flare for performance. i even managed to get some good pics (slowly getting used to the new camera in low light; using it in manual mode now, and relying mostly on local lighting, not using the flash).

my tattoo is mostly all healed. it just itches a little. i'm all psyched to go back on the 29th and get it coloured...