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i'm married, yo!

as most of you probably know by now, seamonkey_mags and i got married on saturday, in a civil ceremony at ottawa city hall. it was all the awe in awesome. i love my wife so much!

of course, in true jacob fashion, i had to go and get sick! i always get sick for special events, vacations, etc. i'm so stuffed up and gross-feeling right now! argghh!

i want to thank everyone who came out to dinner on saturday night, and helped us celebrate this super happy time in our life together! i felt a lot of love, and that feels so damn good.

don't be strangers. xo.

the big blast

oh man it's been forever and a half since i last posted an entry here. i think this may be my first entry of 2011?

it's not as though i have nothing to say, or that nothing is new. quite the opposite, in fact. my life is so full to the brim it could burst (and yet i think i could contain a bit more; in fact i would like to). so much new awesomeness. let's see... maybe a bulleted list for simplicity:

  • been at my current senior editor role for over 8 months now. hopefully they will renew the acting appointment before june, and/or make me a permanent at the level i'm acting at. folks, this is a great thing. for the first time in my life, i feel content with my job. i feel like i fit in. this is my thing. i am excellent at what i do, and i enjoy doing it. i mean, i still don't like the notion of having to work, but who does? the point is that i like being proficient, productive, useful, meticulous, and appreciated; i am all of those things in my current work position.

  • omg seamonkey_mags and i are getting married, amirite?! you knew that already. well all the details are ironed out. we got our marriage license, and booked our civil service for march 26th. friends, i am such a happy man. you have no idea. it's like, KABLOWIE in my head. seriously.

  • after the marriaging, we are on "honeymoon" vacation for three whole weeks! mofo yeah! that is going to be so fun and relaxing. i think we are going to go on some last minute deal type trip. maybe costa rica or cuba, or something like that. and we are going to hang around a lot, and relax, and visit with friends. basically, NOT work. yes!

  • we have decided to adopt a bunny! bun bun bun bun bun. we are currently looking to adopt a little boy bunny named smudge. hopefully we will be successful applicants. he is cutey who loves cats.

  • speaking of cats, aggie is doing much better. his insulin has been reduced to half the dosage he was taking a couple of months ago. he's gained weight. he's much more active. whew! stupid diabetes. my heart goes out to all humans and animals who have diabetes.

  • i've been listening to a lot of great music, as usual. just don't have time for in depth reviews or critiques. so far, the highlights of 2011 are the new albums by the streets, iron & wine, radiohead, tapes 'n tapes, and mogwai.

oh there are tonnes of other things i'm sure, but i can't think of them right now. life is busy and awesome! but never so busy that i don't want to take time to hang out with my friends [hint, hint].

night and day

i had a great social dinner last night with audrawilliams and littlegirltoast. what a fun and hospitable bunch! (i'm so glad you two are back in ottawa, and the peanut soup was awesome). i got a great jesse d t-shirt out of the deal, now i getz to reprazent! yeah!

today i'm off to a wedding down near athens, so i should stop procrastinating all the stuff i still have to do, since i'm getting picked up in a couple of hours. namely, i've got to go out for a few things (like wrapping paper, and batteries for my camera), and of course i've got to shower and dress up nice in my kilt. and pack my tent, sleeping bag, and change of clothes, etc.

i think seattle music is making a comeback. i'm really digging fleet foxes' new release. and i can see some similarities to throw me the statue, sound-wise. it's like seattle is shedding its grunge roots and shifting to an almost poppy-twee sound. at the same time there are definite hints of neil young and the likes of my morning jacket and band of horses. me likes.

one turntable and no microphone

last night i did me some weird dreaming. first i was dj'ing at zaphod's with the turntable, spinning and scratching up a storm with old disco records. i have no idea where that came from. i can't spin and scratch for the life of me (even though i do have a dj turntable).

then the dream shifted, and i was having dinner with audrawilliams and littlegirltoast!!! super-exciting! i think this crept in there because today is the day they return to ottawa, yay!!! anyway, maybe at least this part of the dream will come true sometime soon. i hope you two get settled in ok; call me if you need any help with getting settled in (my numbers are on facecrack).

and i will see you again in my dreams

i had a dream this morning that i was competing in some sort of two-day obstacle race with my old bandmates. the clearest detail i can remember is that it was the second day and i was trying to coordinate transportation with friends and family members, to get back to the event. i was sitting on a dock, watching two men is swish pants play with an oversized remote control submarine with a shark fin on it's back. i was talking into a phone that was also a hand-held telescope that a nautical captain would use (except it seemed to be made of bone and shell rather than brass). i was talking to one of my bandmates' sisters, attempting to convince her that we were running late, and i needed to talk to someone who was coordinating rides. i recall looking at a clock and seeing that it was 4:30p.m. presently, she put my maternal grandma on the line (she passed away over five years ago). granny was then talking to me about my uncle chris as though he were also there and still alive, mentioning that he had been in a fender-bender car accident or something like that, so she would drive everyone to the second day of the event. i don't recall my granny ever driving; i'm not even sure that she had a license.

i dunno

after finishing the album, i thought that i would be relieved and happy to relax and take a break from writing and recording for awhile. i found, instead, that as usual i quickly get bored/anxious/fidgety/frustrated when i am not being productive, and i dunno, maybe i'm a little workaholic in that way.

so i'm already working on the next album, got a couple of tracks recorded so far.

sometimes i'd like to stop. like to do other things. but it's almost like an obsession to keep on spitting 'em out. it's one of the few ways i know how to express myself anymore. i think that will all the hectic differing lifestyles of all my friends, we barely really communicate anymore. most correspondence is via IM or email, or facebook invite to the next shindig. the odd phonecall (it seems everyone has a crackberry but me). once in awhile getting together for lunch or dinner. but not very much genuine quality time together, face-to-face communication. i guess i miss that interaction sometimes. i've had the pleasure of hanging with friends a few times in the past week or so, even playing some music together, which is always fun. it made me remember how much i used to love getting on stage. it was a nice thought.