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friends, heathens, zombies, lend me your ears... (drum roll please; da da da da da da dadadada da)...

i have lost 8lbs in the last two and half months! i am down to 187lbs. that is very close to milestone #1: 185lbs, and also not that far from ultimate goal: 175lbs.

i am maintaining my weight loss slowly and steadily, through conscious good eating habits, and regular walking.

and i don't even feel like i have changed my diet much; just removed a lot of unnecessary carbs/sugars.

i feel good. how are you?

health update

pork tenderloin for dinner
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see that yummy looking pork tenderloin with zucchinis, green onions, and butternut squash? mmmm, i prepared that for dinner tonight. it was yummy to the Nth degree.

so i think i'm making pretty decent progress on my health kick. still no fries or poutine (seven weeks)... cut potatoes from my breakfast specials... started eating more salads (four salads last week!)... walked to the byward market on saturday and bought fresh veggies... went running with shaun yesterday, around the back of the parliament buildings (ok, we walked half the time, but still, 4.2 km). still i'm not losing significant weight. hopefully that means i'm gaining muscle mass. :P

ten more days and i'm off to nova scotia to see seamonkey_mags! it will be a rockin' good time, you're envious i know.

The Jacob Salad!

The Jacob Salad!
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some of you regular readers who know me personally know that i have been fretting about my weight of late. which is not to say that i'm overly concerned about being obese...

(...and i still think the whole concept of being "fat" is so ingrained in the social culture of a multi-billion dollar diet and fashion industry that it is currently meaningless and rather insulting to the average person who chooses not to judge others by their looks)...

...but i want to be healthy, and i recently realized that i was the heaviest i've ever been in my life. such is life, getting older and more sedentary. i can't control hereditary factors, but i can try to have healthier habits.

to put some perspective on the subject as it pertains to me (which may or may not come off sounding like a list of excuses or rationales for my bad habits - so be it):

i was diagnosed with epilepsy 23 years ago, at 10 and a half. since then, food became a predominant part of my life. food is a wonderful control mechanism for not having seizures. maintain a good steady diet - keep the blood sugar levels good - and you can mitigate seizure activity. at least, that was my experience.

also, my medication makes it difficult to not gain weight, as is the case with many medications. my meds also caused me to wind up with chronic gastroenteritis from long-term use (valproic acid is, well, acidic - as the name implies). the naturally easiest way to avoid gastro attacks is to eat a starch (carb) heavy diet, and avoid really acidic foods. again, not the best recipe for keeping trim.

by the time i graduated high school i had stopped growing. i am the same height i was when i was 18 years old. i was 120lbs, and i went to work in shipping & receiving department at an art store. i spent a year lifting and carrying 45-70lb boxes of art supplies. i bulked up to 145lbs of (relatively) lean muscle. my waist was 29". i was in decent shape, probably the best shape of my life. but over the following 14 years it slowly creeped up pound-by-pound to 195lbs.

now i'm maybe 5' 5 3/4" on a good day. at 195lbs, that makes me quite the stocky fellow. i have pretty good mass distribution, good upper body strength, strong (if out of practice) muscles... but i also definitely got a pot-belly; that 29" waist has gone to 36-37" if i'm lucky.

but all that said, i don't have a bad self-body-image-thingy. i look in my mirror and think, yeah, cool. i wish i could fit into thinner clothes easier; it would make shopping much easier and more fun... however, that's a pretty vain rationale, and i don't obsess over it since i've got other (more important) things to occupy my mind.

still, in the back of my head, a little rational voice speaks to me about watching my health so i can llve a happy productive life for many years to come. the voice doesn't care about looking ripped and impressing girls at the beach, or playing sports, or running marathons... it just cares about feeling good, feeling well, being happy and in good health. that is how i know it is sound judgement.

so i am following the voice, little by little. i don't know if i can get back into running like i did last summer. that was definitely a headspace thing, and had very little, if anything, to do with wanting to be healthier or losing weight. this year was an entirely different dilemna, requiring a very different solution.

the first thing i have done is to start walking more and more. pretty much every day i can, for the past month and a half or so. my standard lunchtime walk is 3.5 km.

the second thing i have done is alter my eating habits. six weeks ago i stopped eating french fries and poutine. i'm sure a number of you will gasp at this, knowing my addiction to poutine, how i love and crave it always (who wouldn't?!)... but seriously, i have done it cold turkey. i have cut down drastically on my carb intake. i'm also cutting down on sugar drinks, and eating more home-cooked meals (current fav is butter chicken and rice).

tonight for dinner i invented The Jacob Salad! (see picture). it consists of:
(diced up);
sweet onions
old cheddar cheese
in a basil parmesan oil and vinegar dressing.

it was so yummy. last night i had a similar dish (without the broccoli and seaweed) along with some leftover lamb stew.

all of this is to say: i've lost 2.5lbs, now hovering around 192.5lbs. not very encouraging for six weeks, but hey, babysteps...

...and seriously, doesn't The Jacob Salad look delicious?! it was! it's not poutine, but hey, it's got flavour. i'll live (hopefully longer, healthier, happier).

i just made chocolate swirl banana loaf, and here is a list of 50 bands i've seen live!

stop! baking time!

stop! silly meme time!

The rules: Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands you’ve seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head.

here's my list. i liked allsorts' idea of putting an asterisk (*) after every band that i've seen multiple times, so i'll do that too. here we go:

james *
the black crowes
john vanderslice *
okkervil river *
crooked fingers *
john critchley
the grapes of wrath *
the dears *
by divine right *
mogwai *
sigur ros
malcolm middleton
dirty projectors
of montreal
the hidden cameras
blue rodeo
the national
yo la tengo *
arcade fire
catherine wheel
rock plaza central *
jane's addiction
wax mannequin *
b.a. johnson *
third eye blind
matthew good *
gin blossoms
motley crue
cannibal corpse
jesse dangerously *
throw me the statue
the russian futurists
krista l.l. muir *
the tragically hip
matthew sweet
a perfect circle
the gandharvas
the tea party *
i mother earth
our lady peace

these last three bands i'm not particularly proud of, and they should stay in the past. :P

anyway. this is my first post in a couple of weeks. i've been keeping busy working, making music, cooking a lot, just basically filling the summer days with productivity... waiting for labour day weekend, when i will fly to see seamonkey_mags and we will have a great fun 5-day holiday driving to different bed & breakfasts, going whale-watching, and generally engaging in lots of fun funness!

in anticipation of this grand upcoming mini-vacation, i have purchased (indulged in) a new camera! a panasonic lumix TS1; fully submersible in water up to 3m, 12mp with 4.6x optical zoom and HD video! we can get HD video of fishies swimming in the ocean! well, maybe. so far all the pics i've taken with it are turning out great (it does sweet macro), and i can't wait to try it out underwater.

i have been listening to A WHOLE BUNCH of new music that i hope to get around to reviewing somewhat in-depth, but i'll reserve that for a future entry unto itself. for now i will just suggest a few new albums that are pretty awesome for various reasons:

deer tick - born on flag day (2009)
royal city - 1999-2004 (2009)
dinosaur jr. - farm (2009)
mark kozelek - lost verses - live (2009)
rock plaza central - 'Neath the lion's paw ep (2009)
b.a. johnson - stairway to hamilton (2008)
throw me the statue - purpleface ep (2009)
magnolia electric co. - josephine (2009)

i'm also anxiously looking forward to getting my hands on the new upcoming albums by the black crowes, the mountain goats, and volcano choir (w. justin vernon of bon iver).


earlier this week i received a belated birthday card from my dad. i didn't mind the lateness, the sentiment was nice, and as usual the card contained a bit of money. i feel absolutely silly being so excited about getting birthday money at thirty years old, especially such a nominal amount that i spend it in less than a day on groceries [pretty exciting birthday gift, no?]. on the other hand, the very fact that such a nominal dollar figure was so well-timed and needed for such a basic necessity as food, illustrates just how practical a gift it was. so i am ever-grateful to dad, as usual. hopefully i will get to visit him soon.