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night and day

i had a great social dinner last night with audrawilliams and littlegirltoast. what a fun and hospitable bunch! (i'm so glad you two are back in ottawa, and the peanut soup was awesome). i got a great jesse d t-shirt out of the deal, now i getz to reprazent! yeah!

today i'm off to a wedding down near athens, so i should stop procrastinating all the stuff i still have to do, since i'm getting picked up in a couple of hours. namely, i've got to go out for a few things (like wrapping paper, and batteries for my camera), and of course i've got to shower and dress up nice in my kilt. and pack my tent, sleeping bag, and change of clothes, etc.

i think seattle music is making a comeback. i'm really digging fleet foxes' new release. and i can see some similarities to throw me the statue, sound-wise. it's like seattle is shedding its grunge roots and shifting to an almost poppy-twee sound. at the same time there are definite hints of neil young and the likes of my morning jacket and band of horses. me likes.

branching out

it has been a productive week, and today was a very productive day.

i started running, which is great, and i am completely resolved to keep it up.

last night and today i was feeling inspired and artistic, so i got some new music recorded (that's three new songs already; the third ep is well on the way). i also worked on some art projects i have on the go. and i got grocery shopping done for me and the cats. and i made homemade soup for dinner. i'm multi-tasking all over the friggin' place.

i even did some dishes and took the garbage out today. like, i'm on a roll.

and can i go on this way?

i've done it: my third run of the week. i have completed my goal of the first week of running. if i can get through a couple more weeks, it will officially be a regular habit.

i made good time today; not quite as good as my first run on monday, but better than my time on tuesday. i did my 2 km circuit to st. vincent's and back in 14:40.53 minutes. yay me.

other than that, not much is new. last night was my night off from running, and i had indian buffet dinner with my aunt, and then did some jamming with my co-worker's son's band. fun times.

i think i'm burning the candle at both ends though; running, working, socializing, other hobbies and projects on the go... i feel like i need some serious quality sleep soon so i don't run myself down.

one turntable and no microphone

last night i did me some weird dreaming. first i was dj'ing at zaphod's with the turntable, spinning and scratching up a storm with old disco records. i have no idea where that came from. i can't spin and scratch for the life of me (even though i do have a dj turntable).

then the dream shifted, and i was having dinner with audrawilliams and littlegirltoast!!! super-exciting! i think this crept in there because today is the day they return to ottawa, yay!!! anyway, maybe at least this part of the dream will come true sometime soon. i hope you two get settled in ok; call me if you need any help with getting settled in (my numbers are on facecrack).

"don't become a burden"

aggie kept waking me up last night. it was more than a little aggravating.

i've been watching the new battlestar galactica (finally). i'm just about done season 1. i like it so far. very character-driven. very well thought-out.

i had subway for lunch today. fish'n'chips for dinner.

i hope to go to scotland in april. trying to put together plans for that. i've never been across the ocean. i wonder what it will be like if i can finally make it...