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bluesfest, whattup!!!

john vanderslice @ bluesfest
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here is a picture from badass bluesfest last year, and this year will be just as badass, i guarantee you!

bluesfest 2010 lineup has been announced, y'all! who's coming out this year?! seamonkey_mags and i are definitely going!

just a few of the awesome acts announced:

the flaming lips
matt good
arcade fire
iron maiden
crowded house
the b-52s
joan jett
the moody blues
that's the spirit
blonde redhead
basia bulat
the budos band
timber timbre

i mean, yeah, they should obviously add someone like pavement or radiohead to the bill. :P

but seriously, that is a sick lineup. flaming lips gonna rock my world.

"no one wants to hear about your 97th tear..."

mofos, OKKERVIL RIVER & THE DODOS tonight @ bluesfest!

OKKERVIL MO****FU**ING RIVER! this will be my third time seeing them. YES.

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

i have nothing more exciting to say.

except maybe...

JOHN MO****FU**ING VANDERSLICE tomorrow & sunday @ bluesfest!!!


shit yeah.

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

bluesfest is reading my brain!

somehow the organizers of bluesfest have read my mind, and concocted the most brilliant ottawa bluesfest lineup ever! of course there are big bands that i don't really care about, like kiss, but mostly it's the so-called "indie" acts that are making it fully worth getting an all-festival pass this year.

check it:

  • okkervil river

  • john vanderslice

  • the national

  • iron & wine

  • the dodos

  • cake

  • m83

  • neko case

  • the stills

  • blue rodeo

  • ben harper

  • girl talk

  • holy fuck

  • handsome furs

  • stone temple pilots

okkervil river AND john vanderslice in ottawa!!! frig, that alone makes it worth it.

the pain says "you are alive", and i believe it.

do you know how i ache? it is awesome. today was my sixth run.

sixth run! pushed myself furthest this time (so far), running 90 seconds at a time instead of only 60 (actually, i started off with a 2 minute stint as my first rep). it was the hottest day i have run yet (25 degrees), and i got my best time so far; 14:09.16 minutes!

holy moly, at around the 11 minute mark i honestly thought i was going to collapse. not from heat or exhaustion or passing out, but from my legs crumbling beneath me! they felt like putty. it was hardcore. i feel i pushed myself to my upper limit so far, just within reach of going overboard. i hope i don't ache too much tomorrow.

so that's the end of running week two! i suspect i will sleep well tonight.

the new calexico album, carried to dust is really really good. i especially like "two silver trees", which i remember them playing at bluesfest.

also not too bad is the new verve album! yes, after 11 years, the verve has a new album out, entitled forth (actually, it comes out on monday). it's remeniscent of their earlier material, and evokes a mood of '80s brit and '90s shoegazing. it has moments of joy division and stone roses. slightly derivative, but on a whole quite a surprisingly good comeback (not nearly as good as james' comeback, mind you).

you know what i really seem to like lately? albums distributed by jagjaguwar. a good label that releases vinyl, featuring albums by okkervil river, spokane, bon iver, sunset rubdown, parts & labor, etc.

calexico @ bluesfest 2008

calexico @ bluesfest 2008
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as mentioned, i took tonnes of great pics of calexico at bluesfest. and now i've uploaded them to flickr; enjoy.

i'm ichy sicky, which is sucky because i want to be enjoying the good weather on the weekend. ah well. instead, i will try to be productive by getting some mixing and mastering done (i'm really dragging behind my self-imposed timeline on the new ep, but i hope to release it next week; certainly i want it finished before the end of july, since i've already started working on my 3rd release for 2008).

that is all for now. enjoy your saturday.


fitting to the subject of my last post, roka was the first song played at tonight's show. what a blast! calexico are an awesome band to see live. i highly recommend them to anyone! i am so glad i went, even though it means getting to bed a little later than usual. a small sacrifice for a great show.

i took tonnes of pics, but i'm way too tired to upload any of them to flickr right now, so i'll hopefully have time tomorrow (unless of course my evening is filled up with other events; i'm planning on adopting a cat friend for aggie tomorrow after work, and then i might go to bluesfest again to see the black crowes).


well, i'm off to bluesfest (alone), to see calexico. maybe if i'm lucky i'll see people i know. either way, i'm off to enjoy some blissful live music (and hopefully snap some good pics too).

"sleeping in the valley..."

even though bluesfest did not want me as a volunteer, i will not hold it against them.

i have my ticket for july 9th, to see hayden and calexico (and maybe i'll try to catch some of brian wilson too, even though he's on at the same time as calexico, according to the schedule, which is a sad conflict indeed).