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mmm mmm birthday candies...

my birthday weekend is sweet and relaxing. :)

T minus five days, we leave for arizona... woo hoo!

tomorrow for my birthday, where should i go for birthday dinner? i'm thinking either the black tomato, or maybe somewhere where i can get some really yummy sushi. i think sushi would be a great bday meal. mmmmm...

right now we're going to have some brunch fries! mmmmmfood...


aubergine wellies
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it's been a busy and hectic past month, leaving me pretty mentally and physically exhausted. i wound up pretty sick last week, but i'm all better now.

this past monday was my one year anniversary with seamonkey_mags. yay! i gave her a nice vase of flowers, and we celebrated with dinner at a korean/japanese restaurant on bank st. i had some quite yummy sushi.

this week we finished booking our basic itinerary for the trip to arizona for my dad's wedding. we're flying out on april 2nd, and coming back on april 8th. we'll be staying at an awesome hotel in scottsdale for a few nights, that is right in the shopping district, and only about a kilometre away from the phoenix zoo! yay zoo! i'm stoked for this trip. i need a good vacation.

i bought a new belt, calvin klein white dress shirt, a nice set of titanium cuff links, and a blue striped geoffrey beene tie [All net profits from Geoffrey Beene products are donated to philanthropic causes, such as cancer research, Alzheimer's research, domestic violence prevention and response, Save the Children, and educational programs (including scholarships for students majoring in fashion and related disciplines) - that's pretty cool]. now i'm all prepped for the wedding, clothes-wise.

this coming monday is seamonkey_mags' birthday, so we went to the byward market this morning, and i got her some new shorts and some new hunter wellington rubber boots (see? aren't they nice?). hey, if they're good enough for the queen of england and kate moss...

then we picked up various yummies at the sausage kitchen (pepperettes and fanta!) and nicastro's (fancy malt vinegar, olives stuffed with garlic, and half a kilo of chocolate!), and ate an unhealthy brunch at mcdonald's.

we also went for a 2k run this afternoon, and seamonkey_mags got her taxes done. and i fit some time in for a little nap. yay productive day!

soon i will post a new entry with music reviews. listening to lots of great new stuff right now, especially the new frightened rabbit album.

nine days 'til my birthday, people! what are y'all getting me?!?!

the weekend...

Jen & Lily
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i had a busy and fun-filled weekend. friday evening i was delivered an impromptu invitation to a house show, featuring krista muir (aka lederhosen lucil) and shane watt. thanks to littlegirltoast and audrawilliams for a swell evening... i love the intimacy of a house show. the music was great, there was plenty of raucous sing-a-long, and i got to chat with both krista and shane after the show. quite the enjoyable social night, overall.

saturday, i spent all morning and afternoon painting. see?! i painted this portrait for qeonos, for her birthday. that was last night. we all had pizza at her place, then went karaoking at shanghai. it was amusing. i sang sit down by james. it was packed! holy popular place to be on saturday night, batman. a good time was had by all.

today i slept in, then did laundry, bought some groceries, made myself lemon pepper catfish and potatoes for lunch, watched some episodes of supernatural, and went for a 2 km run. i ran the whole way, and finished in 12:04.81 minutes. not bad.

in music news, the new snow patrol album, a hundred million suns, sounds like slicked-over poo. too bad they peaked at final straw, and have been grasping at straws ever since. i blame over-production and marketing. ah well.

as a saving grace, the new bloc party album, intimacy - which i wasn't expecting too much from based on the mercury single - is surprisingly good. much more like silent alarm than a weekend in the city, as if they are taking a nod from all the remixes that were done by futureheads, death from above 1979, m83, four tet, etc. anyway, the end result is a diverse and catchy album that is really percussive and rhythmic, but also a splash of '80's electra-cheesh, à la duran duran.

i am zombie

so tired. weekend whirlwind trip to toronto was so exhausting. but a niece only turns 3 once. and at least my family remembered my birthday too. my aunt and uncle got me 3 t-shirts and my mom got me 2 t-shirts. all of them are black or brown or blue. they know me so well. so now i have plenty of nice new t-shirts to wear.

also, i bought myself an eee pc; 4gb black with the webcam and linux install. very sweet. it will be awesome for scotland. and my stepdad had a gift card with $108 that he put towards it, so that was a super awesome bday gift too.

now i must go to work again. ich.

trying not to let the little things get to me, but...

seriously, fuck you apartment-living. i woke up at 4a.m. to use the washroom, and stepped in a puddle in the hallway floor. fuck. i thought the bathroom ceiling was leaking again. but no. after turning all the lights on, and stumbling around half-asleep, there was no indication of dripping of any sort. ceiling and walls were dry. but the hallway floor tiles seem to be buckling in odd ways near the entrance to the washroom. i think there is leakage under the floor. that's just grand. the fun never stops. after cleaning up the floor, i tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep, so of course i feel like shit now, having hardly slept (this is not solely the fault of the wet floor, but also of my upstairs neighbours, who are loud as fuck). i'm so sick of this apartment. i'm so sick of not getting enough peaceful, restful sleep. i'm going to go postal at this rate.

on a more positive note, my tax return came in, so now i know that i can handily pay for my scotland airfare. and the itinerary is all planned out in great detail. counting down the days 'til the new james album (april 7th); counting down the days 'til i leave for scotland (april 18th). i think that's all that's keeping me going right now. i'll collapse into anxiety-propelled antisocial depressive withdrawal from civilization starting when i get back from scotland. until then at least, i still have stuff to look forward to.

and oh yeah, my birthday is almost upon me too. well fuck my birthday. it's overrated anyway. i'll be in toronto on the weekend, so don't bother trying to do something with me for my birthday, i won't be home. the upside of that is my mom hinted that she may get me an eee pc for my birthday. well that would be nice for my scotland trip, that's for sure. but i'm not holding my breath.

ciao for now.

find me now

another cruddy day back to work i feel so krusty i cannot even kick into low gear [let alone get a high going].

i am happy i stayed home the last couple of days and attempted to deliver a good bday-time to quite possibly the best housemate ever. well, a nice effort at least. in any case, it's the thought that counts, right?

highlights of my attempted night of sleep:

  • an hour spent trying to fall asleep; a fitful anxiety attack of tears, incoherent blubbers, and a stint lying on the hardwood floor with a pillow [determined to try anything that might ease my mind and body (to no avail)].

  • waking twice to go to the washroom. once at 01:30 and again around 03:15 [no more homemade borscht for me for awhile].

  • being awoken twice around 04:00-04:30 by the neighbour's radio alarm clock! holy shit i have my window closed, how loud does their radio have to be?! could you think of a more annoying way to be woken up at four in the morning than a radio blaring RHCP or hootie and the blowfish?!

  • a fretful dream of kissing.

and my day is just beginning.

kitty birthday!

today is the fifth birthday of agamemnon and bob, the two male cats of my household. yesterday as a birthday treat i gave them fresh catnip; something they probably haven't had in over a year. they went CRAZY playing with me, their toys, play structures, each other, i got some great pictures, and then they fell fast asleep for hours. it was awesome. except for the part where bob scratched up my hand trying to jump up and grab the catnip. he's so impatient. anyway, many great pictures of agamemnon and bob [and our girl cat, zsuzsi] exist on my flickr page. in the near future i will upload some photos of aggie and bob going crazy with the catnip.