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seasons followed one another / get back to basics, step up and face me...

so if you're on facecrack you may have seen already: I HAVE A SHOW AT ZAPHOD'S!

yes, at long last, after more than 4 years, i will step onto the stage to perform live music. all by myself. just me and a guitar (and i'm pondering some pre-recorded tracks, but it depends on my mood over the next few weeks; i may just keep the songs stripped down to acoustic-style).

the deets: Monday, November 24th @ Zaphod Beeblebrox (27 york st. in the byward market). and it's FREE! i will be opening for Carmen & Camille, a vancouver twin sister pop duo. doors at 8p.m., i will probably hit the stage around 9p.m.

i know it's a monday, but hey, it's free! and this is my first live performance in years, so come out and support me if you're in the ottawa area. it will be entertaining, i assure you. i am practicing all sorts of material, dating back from 2000 to present.

here is the link to the facecrack invite: jacob live @ zaphod's.

as long as i'm talking about music, i will note a couple of semi-related topics:

  1. i went to zaphod's to see the That's the spirit. CD release party on saturday night. boy was it awesome! i picked up a copy of the CD, which i sincerely think is Ben Wilson's best stuff to date (and given his prolific history in the ottawa scene and beyond over the past 13 years or so, that's saying a lot). it exudes beautiful soundscapes. touching and thought-provoking lyrics. prodigiously composed, arranged, and executed. a real stand out DIY production, this album is all the best things about real indie music with none of the pretention. don't be surprised if Staying Places hits my best of 2008 list in the top ten somewhere.

  2. haven't you all been wondering what i have been up to in my recording lately? i know i have been silent on the subject for a couple of months. well i have also been busy. my third and final EP of 2008 is almost complete. it is entitled we have lost contact, and it consists of 5 brand new tracks, along the theme of losing touch, distancing, diaspora, all in the personal intimate sense and in the global sense. in some ways, it is the natural denouement to the two EPs that preceded it; the hoods is life, old habits die hard is death, we have lost contact is the afterglow. eventually things must move on again. if all goes as planned, i will be releasing these 3 EPs together in a limited 3 CD album in early 2009; the whole collection is tentatively titled i've counted the days since we parted ways. i will premier a few new tracks from these 3 EPs at my show on the 24th.

so that's pretty much it. come out on the 24th, please!

oh, also, i went running again tonight. trying to keep it up, even though i've been lazy about it. i went with shaun tonight, on my 2 km route. he was being slow, so our time was 18:01.48 minutes. really sucky. we walked a whole lot, even though i cound have ran the whole way. but i guess it was a good social time too. and admittedly, it's harder on the lungs in the colder weather (although today was actually fairly warm). i'm determined to keep running through the winter, even if it is only once a week. just so i don't get out of practice, and become a total couch sloth again.

the weekend...

Jen & Lily
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i had a busy and fun-filled weekend. friday evening i was delivered an impromptu invitation to a house show, featuring krista muir (aka lederhosen lucil) and shane watt. thanks to littlegirltoast and audrawilliams for a swell evening... i love the intimacy of a house show. the music was great, there was plenty of raucous sing-a-long, and i got to chat with both krista and shane after the show. quite the enjoyable social night, overall.

saturday, i spent all morning and afternoon painting. see?! i painted this portrait for qeonos, for her birthday. that was last night. we all had pizza at her place, then went karaoking at shanghai. it was amusing. i sang sit down by james. it was packed! holy popular place to be on saturday night, batman. a good time was had by all.

today i slept in, then did laundry, bought some groceries, made myself lemon pepper catfish and potatoes for lunch, watched some episodes of supernatural, and went for a 2 km run. i ran the whole way, and finished in 12:04.81 minutes. not bad.

in music news, the new snow patrol album, a hundred million suns, sounds like slicked-over poo. too bad they peaked at final straw, and have been grasping at straws ever since. i blame over-production and marketing. ah well.

as a saving grace, the new bloc party album, intimacy - which i wasn't expecting too much from based on the mercury single - is surprisingly good. much more like silent alarm than a weekend in the city, as if they are taking a nod from all the remixes that were done by futureheads, death from above 1979, m83, four tet, etc. anyway, the end result is a diverse and catchy album that is really percussive and rhythmic, but also a splash of '80's electra-cheesh, à la duran duran.

downtown, uphill

post-run red face; 12:39.56
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here i am all hot and sweaty after my record-breaking 2 km run.

that's right, bitches! i kicked running's ass! i pwn you, legs and lungs.

after four weeks of running, i have cut two minutes off my time; that's a minute per kilometre. at this rate, in another month i will be down to the 5 minute kilometre!

time; 12:39.56 minutes. a full thirty seconds better than my previous best time. i killed that gloucester hill today. right on.

the pounding you deserve

finished my fourth week of running. i don't know if it's just my mood this week, but i feel like i've hit that wall; that hump that i have to break through to keep at this. my short-term endurance was building up well for the first few weeks, but my long-term constitution is now being challenged by the routine of keeping this up regularly. it may require a conscious effort to adapt other lifestyle habits to keep up the improvements in my running. or i may just have to not-so-much aim for getting better as just keeping it up at my current pace and distance.

today's time was fairly good; 13:24.88 minutes. not my best time, but certainly far from my worst. i think it will be hard to break the 13 minute cusp and keep it there, let alone my desired end goal of the five minute km.

oh well. homemade soup for dinner, and to bed early. tomorrow is friday and i can relax a bit over the weekend.

i bet you're almost as tired of this as i am

today was my ninth run (well officially my eighth 2 km run; yesterday i went endurance running in the gatineau with shaun). my time was pretty crappy; 14:57.97 minutes. but considering that's three days in a row, and yesterday was a long run (maybe about 5 km, even though we walked much of the way), plus all my painful & itchy mosquito bites... ...i think i did ok.

and that's it folks! three weeks of running completed! a landmark for me. hopefully it becomes a recurring habit now.

"they asked for blood..."

oh man. i am teh awesome. not discouraged by my failure to run yesterday, i gritted my teeth, slathered my legs in calomine lotion, and set out on my regular 2 km run. i wasted that motherfucker like nobody's business! 13:13.41 minutes! smoked my last record by almost a full minute! yeah that feels good. i even had a stretch of 3:15 minutes of straight running, and i took shorter walk breaks throughout. i am stoked for my run with shaun in the gatineaus tomorrow evening.

...boy are my legs itching and throbbing painfully. ouch. :)

it was your heart beating

behold! i have successfully engaged in a second run to st. vincent's and back; the second in as many days! i am now officially on a roll!

i hurt slightly more than yesterday (only slightly, but i imagine that will "improve" by tomorrow), and my time was slightly worse (14:59.06 minutes), but it was a good overall pace, and i wasn't as lucky with the streetlights and cars today. either way, that's another 2 km conquered.

run the numbers...

2 km - 14:37.28m
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fear my wrath scoundrels! i am now officially a runner.

today was the factory release date of jacob 2.0. equipped with my brand new running shoes, new shorts, and wonderfully wicking technical t-shirt (not to mention some thumping tunes provided by danger mouse, jay-z, throw me the statue, aesop rock, bon iver, and buck 65, courtesy of my mp3 player), i engaged in my first official run.

my methodology is simple; follow the couch-to-5k plan workout: alternate between 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. the plan suggests 20 minute workouts, but i decided to start light based on a 2 km plan.

the result: 2 km in 14:37.28 minutes. i'm not often overly proud of myself, but this makes me pretty darn happy. it's a good start.

and i had fun! the music and my pulse thumping in my ears, the adrenaline gushing through me, my shins aching with anger as my feet pounded the pavement; the idiotic and simple ecstasy of it all was delightful. i will happily do it again and again and again to clear my mind, and maybe even tone my body.