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"rattling our swords in service of some fated, foreign lord..."

i've been sick for the past 48 hours. i hate being sick. i'm sure i've said that here a hundred times before. it still holds true. i might have to stay home from work again tomorrow, to fully recuperate. i really don't want to be sick on saturday, when i am going to see okkervil river in montreal! sadly, if i still feel crappy tomorrow, i may not be energetic enough to take in the cadence weapon show at babylon. :(

as miserable as i have felt the past couple of days, at least i have had time to sleep a lot, snuggle with my cats, and catch up on my episodes of dexter, as well as watching a couple of movies.

i was walking to the pharmacy last night, to buy cough drops and nestea and kleenex, and generally feeling sorry for myself in my malaise, when it occurred to me that i shouldn't be so depressed, even when i'm sick. i could be a lot worse off. i could be sick and homeless. i could live in an impoverished country. i could be jobless, and not have an apartment to sit in at my comfy desk, lamenting away on my LJ about how rough life treats me. like, complaining about the lack of heat. well at least i have a roof over my head, and can afford rent and bills and luxuries! (and hey, the heat is on now; i'm toasty).

so this is me chiding myself for my selfish self-pity. as i came back from the pharmacy last night, i passed a homeless man with a big cart of all his worldly possessions, and a big scraggly beard. here i am with a beard because i'm too lazy to shave; here he is with a beard because he lives on the street. i gave him $2, and he thanked me and told me "god bless you". as little as a god-blessing means to me, i got a sense of goodness from his words. it really meant something to him, as easy as it was for me to part with $2. to me, it's a nestea. to him, it could mean the world.

i leave you for now with that thought, and with this video, which is the best video i've seen in ages (for one of the best songs i've heard in ages), which has cheered me up a lot today:

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