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a masters degree in duplicity

my new EP, the hoods, is complete and will be released as scheduled, tomorrow, 2008-03-04. look for it to be on the music page of my homesite sometime tomorrow evening, for free download (as usual, you know by now). high quality 320kbps (this is why it's best to download my tunes from my site, because 3rd person providers like last.fm and ilike and facebook impose size/quality restrictions). the final tracklisting remains the same as posted last week.

longtime listeners may not be used to the relatively "upbeat" nature of this album, compared to the majority of my other works. hope you enjoy (but don't get used to it; i've still got plenty of melancholy in me you know).

more detailed info to follow with the official release announcement tomorrow. this is just a tease. 'til then, sleep well.
Tags: mp3, music, new ep, new music, the hoods

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