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mmm digital radio

i joined last.fm, and what fun! i know i normally detest profiling, but my overwhelming love of observing socio-behavioural patterns, coupled with my love of music and metadata just makes this program pretty darn irresistable to me. it really does learn better and better what i like. this is the playlist it played for me over the past half an hour, based on a search for artist(s) [similar to]: royal city;

ed.14:39 - it appears the playlist image is dynamic [a.k.a. overwritten] when re-generated. interesting.

ed.21:59 - i've decided to put the last.fm playlist image in my header entry, since it constantly re-generates to show my current "now playing" list. that way, it will always be the first thing you folks see if you happen to go to my LJ. yay, you always know what i'm listening to!
Tags: digital radio, last.fm, mp3, music, streaming audio

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