jacob earl (a_clear_job) wrote,
jacob earl

altar eggs

i have decided after a long long period of hiatus, to re-publish my old blogger blogs on blogspot. i used to host them off my old webpage, before i started using livejournal. consequently there are many old (and dare i say somewhat angsty, inciteful, even infantile) opinion pieces i wrote, dating back to 2001 | 2002. if you're feeling daring, visit the new and improved a clear job and laid lean job care. i have already begun writing in each anew, and time-pending, hope to continue to do so with more frequency in the future.

in other news, i got some inexpensive new headphones, and inherited a sandisk 256mb mp3 player. my musical enjoyment factor just increased at least ten-fold. i also acquired a brand new dinky cheap webcam. thus far i have used it to record video of bobby the cat (he loves being in movies and music videos), which i will likely post to youtube soon.
Tags: a clear job, alter-ego, and girl i promise you no substitutes, blog, blogger, blogspot, headphones, laid lean job care, mp3, music

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