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you've got nothing but...
bad intentions
life is good(?) 
2013-Apr-14th 09:40 pm
I seriously never use LJ anymore. Should I keep making an effort or abandon it entirely?

Tumblr and Instagram appeal to me much more, because let's face it, I take pictures far more than I write words these days, and writing lyrics fulfills my writing needs. Meanwhile Facebook fulfills my social needs.

LJ, you are the buggy whip of the weblog world.
2013-Apr-15th 02:37 pm (UTC)

2013-Apr-15th 11:54 pm (UTC)
2013-Apr-15th 11:45 pm (UTC)
I don't understand the purpose of Tumblr. Seriously, what does it do? Is it a thing where people just reblog what they like from other blogs? That's generally what I see.
2013-Apr-15th 11:59 pm (UTC)
Tumblr is a great platform for mixed media. It is super easy to use, and really good for posting pics/videos/songs, etc., and that is undoubtedly why it is so popular for reblogging. I also think that is a generational thing, where teens today LOVE to share stuff, so yeah, there's a lot of reblogs. Myself, I use it exclusively for my own creative content (because I take pics and make songs and videos, etc.); it hooks in really well with other platforms like Instagram and Flickr and Facebook, etc.

I think us "old skool" bloggers don't always "get" Tumblr because as we see it, it has a major missing link: no ability to reply/leave comments/discussion threads, etc. I.e., all you can do is reblog or "ask" questions. So conversation tends to be one-sided, or done through countless reblogs or with a third party tool like disqus. I don't mind, 'cause I use my tumblr embedded in my jacobearl.com homepage, primarily as a means of posting photos I take and songs I create. If I want discussion, I'll use Facebook or (more rarely these days) LJ. :)
2013-Apr-16th 02:42 pm (UTC)
So Tumblr seems more like a tool of self-promotion, rather than a blogging site in the old-school sense of comment conversations. I can understand why you would need it for artistic promotion or similar, but the personal blogs I have seen on Tumblr confuse me greatly. It feels conceited, like you expect people to line up and quiz you with their "asks" so you can produce content.

It reminds me of those old "surveys" people used to fill out with 300 questions. I never completed them (or hardly ever) because I would get bored halfway through. If I was bored, why would someone else be interested in what I had to say? I skimmed other people's answers, at best, because it seemed like lazy content.

I can totally understand using Tumblr for promotion then, but it's not really a substitute for old-school blogging.

Blogging is weird now.
2013-Apr-19th 11:59 pm (UTC)
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