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the big blast 
2011-Feb-22nd 04:56 pm
oh man it's been forever and a half since i last posted an entry here. i think this may be my first entry of 2011?

it's not as though i have nothing to say, or that nothing is new. quite the opposite, in fact. my life is so full to the brim it could burst (and yet i think i could contain a bit more; in fact i would like to). so much new awesomeness. let's see... maybe a bulleted list for simplicity:

  • been at my current senior editor role for over 8 months now. hopefully they will renew the acting appointment before june, and/or make me a permanent at the level i'm acting at. folks, this is a great thing. for the first time in my life, i feel content with my job. i feel like i fit in. this is my thing. i am excellent at what i do, and i enjoy doing it. i mean, i still don't like the notion of having to work, but who does? the point is that i like being proficient, productive, useful, meticulous, and appreciated; i am all of those things in my current work position.

  • omg seamonkey_mags and i are getting married, amirite?! you knew that already. well all the details are ironed out. we got our marriage license, and booked our civil service for march 26th. friends, i am such a happy man. you have no idea. it's like, KABLOWIE in my head. seriously.

  • after the marriaging, we are on "honeymoon" vacation for three whole weeks! mofo yeah! that is going to be so fun and relaxing. i think we are going to go on some last minute deal type trip. maybe costa rica or cuba, or something like that. and we are going to hang around a lot, and relax, and visit with friends. basically, NOT work. yes!

  • we have decided to adopt a bunny! bun bun bun bun bun. we are currently looking to adopt a little boy bunny named smudge. hopefully we will be successful applicants. he is cutey who loves cats.

  • speaking of cats, aggie is doing much better. his insulin has been reduced to half the dosage he was taking a couple of months ago. he's gained weight. he's much more active. whew! stupid diabetes. my heart goes out to all humans and animals who have diabetes.

  • i've been listening to a lot of great music, as usual. just don't have time for in depth reviews or critiques. so far, the highlights of 2011 are the new albums by the streets, iron & wine, radiohead, tapes 'n tapes, and mogwai.

oh there are tonnes of other things i'm sure, but i can't think of them right now. life is busy and awesome! but never so busy that i don't want to take time to hang out with my friends [hint, hint].
2011-Feb-23rd 01:57 am (UTC)
HIGH FIVE GETTIN' MARRIED! Greg printed off our marriage license application form tonight. :o
2011-Feb-23rd 11:02 am (UTC)
yay! the marriage license costs $153 (at least, that's what ottawa charges for an ontario marriage license), and it's good for 3 months.
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